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About us

Experienced sales personnel

With us you are guaranteed of friendly, well-spoken and multilingual sales personnel and call centre. Over the years, we have built up many years of marketing experience in telecom, energy and many other sectors. We understand the needs of the companies that we work for.

We take care of your sales issues and worries

In consultation with you, we seek the best approach to reach your targets. In this we focus on taking away your marketing and sales worries. Our work is customer-oriented; our primary purpose is offering clear vision to the company that we work for.

Pay as you grow

You need your own sales force, but reorganisation is unfeasible, un-scalable and affordable? Then call in our services. We gladly take the mission head-on and do what we do best: selling. We give you the guarantee that you only pay per delivered customer or contract. No cure, no pay.

Foto Abdallah Ould Denine

Abdallah Ould Denine

Managing Director

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Foto Clara Conceicao

Clara Conceicao

Account Manager

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Foto Catherine Desmecht

Catherine Desmecht

Office Manager

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The right man for the right job

Which company does not dream of smooth sales without the hassle of caring too much for it oneself?
We build the sales team that takes away this care and thinks and acts for you.

We represent you on commercial fairs, events and/or in supermarkets as well, but we also do door-to-door canvassing and ensure the necessary activities from our call centre with an wide-ranging database.

We are the direct link between company and consumer; we promote your product and service. Motivation and sales talent are our main assets.

We make your marketing feasible, scalable and affordable.

We take care of your sales issues and worries

No cure no pay